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Every subscriber uses the News Service in his or her own way. No resource is helpful to just one kind of subscriber, though different kinds of products are favored by different categories of subscribers

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Government agencies
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Government-affairs professionals

Subscribers who use the Web site get by far the best deal because it's updated so continually and it's where the archives reside.  But the most important products can also be delivered via e-mail, fax and hard copy.  

We want you to know everything we do about what's going to happen at the Capitol.

Over the weekend or on Monday, read the Advances to get a comprehensive look at what's expected to make news in the week ahead and why.  First thing each weekday, check the schedule to see what's slated for the governor, Legislature and agencies.  Throughout the day, check for sked updates and Editor's advisories
on the site to see what the News Service is covering that day and what's making news at the State House; the advisories also contain story ideas for news editors.  Check again for another advisory at the end of the day, as you plan tomorrow. 

The News Service web presence is intended to be a virtual Captial bureau on your desktop.
The News Service web site is updated constantly; as soon as a press release is received or an event takes place, we put up a short description.  Headlines about press releases usually give a contact name and number.  The text of most press releases is posted shortly after the  headline goes up.  News stories about daily events usually go out a few hours after the headline appears.   We also produce exclusive feature stories about newsmakers and issues; those usually go out in the late afternoon.   Over time, we are building a photo archive, and the photos we post on our Web site are slowly getting more attention and demand.  

Along with the daily news stories and exclusive features, the News Service produces gavel-to-gavel coverage of every action taken and every speech given on the floor of the House and Senate.  Legislative action is posted and sent out ASAP; again Web users have the advantage because the headlines alert subscribers of major actions right away.

The News Service also has an alert system by which subscribers can identify their issues of interest in advance, and get notified via email when our copy mentions those topics.  The service is a free add on to the service for any subscriber who requests it. 

Reporters and government affairs professionals doing research use our archives over the web. 




What we produce

Advances: comprehensive look at the  week ahead
Daily schedule of state government events
Morning and evening advisories of developing news
Customized alerts of action on subscriber-selected issues
Continually-updated Web site tracking the daily news
Press releases available online and searchable
Gavel-to-gavel coverage of House and Senate sessions
Stories about daily events
Exclusive feature stories
Roundup: Weekly recap of the news
Web-headline archive, giving historical digest
Archives of news coverage
Archives of press releases
Audio coverage of selected capitol events